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CMS Quality Measurement: Where it’s Headed and How We Will Get There

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) discusses the goals for advancing quality measurement in the next 5-10 years, focusing on streamlining measures to reduce the burden and the transition to digital quality measures. CMS staff also provides an overview and highlight key components of its newly finalized Digital Quality Measurement Blueprint. The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is …

APIC Supports Growing Number of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Policies in Healthcare Facilities

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The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) announced its support for hospitals and health systems that are requiring all employees and clinical team members to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. “APIC applauds healthcare organizations for taking this bold patient safety step,” said APIC 2021 President Ann Marie Pettis, BSN, RN, CIC, FAPIC. “Low …


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CISA is the Nation’s risk advisor, working with partners to defend against today’s threats and collaborating to build more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future. Ransomware incidents can severely impact business processes and leave organizations without the data they need to operate and deliver mission-critical services. The economic and reputational impacts of ransomware incidents, throughout the initial disruption and, …

Joint Commission ALC Accreditation

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Today, there are more than 30,00 ALCs in the United States serving more than 800,000 residents. With the growth in recent years, ALCs have been increasingly shifting from a mostly hospitality-based environment to a more healthcare-focused setting by offering services for medication management, skilled nursing, and dementia care. This shift has highlighted the need for national, consensus-based standards and accreditation. …

Brain Age

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In a study published in SLEEP, EEGs were used to gather clinically relevant information for personalized patient health evaluations and a comprehensive assessment of sleep. In the study, a deep neural network (DNN) model was trained to predict the age of patients using raw EEG signals. The researchers found that DNNs can accurately predict the brain age of healthy patients. …

Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Reform of Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities

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Nursing home surveys are conducted in accordance with survey protocols and Federal requirements to determine whether a citation of non-compliance is appropriate. Consolidated Medicare and Medicaid requirements for participation (requirements) for Long Term Care (LTC) facilities (42 CFR part 483, subpart B) were first published in the Federal Register on February 2, 1989 (54 FR 5316). The requirements for participation …

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Burning Mouth Syndrome

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If you have ever experienced a burning mouth, you know it is extremely unpleasant! I’m not referring to burning your mouth on hot liquids but rather a burning sensation that is totally unprovoked. According to the JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery publication, burning mouth syndrome occurs in about 90-120 of 100,000 people. Women are more likely to have the syndrome …

Regular and irregular heart beat graph

Atrial Fibrillation

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Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often rapid heart rate. The heart has 4 chambers through which blood flows before being sent to the rest of the body to deliver oxygen and vital nutrients. The top 2 chambers are the atria and are important in helping blood reach the bottom 2 chambers, the ventricles. The right ventricle squeezes blood into …

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Aerosol Particle Escape

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In a recent article published in Scientific Reports, there was a discussion regarding the use of surgical masks to reduce the emission of expiratory particles produced via breathing, talking, coughing, or sneezing. Two factors play a primary role in determining the overall particle reduction efficiency of a given mask type: the material filtering efficiency, which depends on the particle size, …