Report a Claim

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Early reporting is the key to a favorable outcome

When a troubling incident occurs at your senior living community, we need to hear about it. The best chance to see a favorable difference in the cost of a claim and the outcome of an incident is by reporting the incident within the first hours. We’ll mobilize our expert resources to your defense. We can help you communicate with the family, investigate the incident, and assemble documentation for state and local authorities.

Remember—we’re on your side! HealthCap members have fewer claims than the rest of the industry and when our members do have a claim, HealthCap settles them for much less than the industry. Early reporting is a key component to our success and to saving you money.

What to Report

  • Any lawsuit
  • Any notice of attorney representation
  • Any written request for records
  • Any violation at a G-level or higher
  • Any event or family situation with which you might need assistance
  • Any resident that goes to the hospital and either passes away or does not return to your building

When an Incident Occurs

  1. Notify the physician and family or guardian
  2. Initiate an incident report with objective information only
  3. Document the medical record with objective information
  4. DO NOT refer to the incident report in the medical record
  5. Make no admission of liability or promises to reimburse
  6. Summarize witness statements as part of the investigative process
  7. Report the incident