Podcast: Ep. 24 – Vaccine Mandates, Boosters, and Hesitancy

Angie Szumlinski Podcast

In this episode Angie Szumlinski, Director of Risk Management at HealthCap talks with Dr. Matthew Beacom, M.D. from the University of Nebraska and Heath Boddy, President and CEO at the Nebraska Health Care Association. Listen as they discuss the latest in vaccine mandates, boosters, and vaccine hesitancy in the senior living industry.    

Smartphones Not So Smart!

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We have all seen them, teenagers walking through the mall not paying attention to where they are going and bumping into people because they are texting! I have had adults do the same thing in the airport, run right into me because they were looking at their phones! If you have young grandchildren (or children) watch their habits, they are …

Senior woman lifting weights

Exercise and Depression

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I have always heard about “endorphins kicking in” when people exercise, I’m still waiting! Maybe I have a shortage of endorphins but whatever the case, most people enjoy exercise because of the endorphin high. Researchers have now identified even more benefits to exercising that may encourage everyone to get out of the office for 30 minutes! In a recent study …

Just Say No (For Now)

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The FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine for a “booster” dose for immunocompromised adults and people over the age of 16. As we talk about vaccines, boosters, “additional doses”, etc. I have heard a lot of discussions regarding vaccinating children under the age of 12. Of course, we all know that this would be “off-label” use of a medication, something …

Booster or Additional Dose?

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It is becoming a reality, COVID-19, the Delta variant, has swept through our world wreaking havoc yet again! Hospitalizations are on the rise, children are now affected and symptomatic and masks are again in vogue. The good news is the FDA have granted full approval to the Pfizer vaccine, only using the EUA for children over the age of 12. …

The Fiber Debacle!

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A recent study published in The Lancet found that there is “moderate evidence” that higher consumption of dietary fiber was associated with lower body weight and systolic blood pressure. That definitely got my attention, right? If simply eating more fiber can contribute to weight loss and better control of blood pressure, why not! So, I did a little research into …

Another Reason to Quit Smoking

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A recent age-adjusted analysis published in medrxiv.org, found that the only risk factors of lower Ab titres, (the titres that help protect from the COVID-19 virus) were being male and smoking cigarettes. The study also found that titres were significantly lower in current smokers than in ex-smokers. Now that over 60% of the population has been fully vaccinated, it might …

SNF-At-Home Model Becoming “Critical Player” for Success

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As we continue our journey through the pandemic and the inevitable changes in “scenery” COVID-19 has brought, there are a lot of questions regarding in home SNF care. One of the proponents of in-home SNF care points out that post-acute care is facing challenges with staffing, however, in the real-world, home health agencies are facing similar challenges with much less …

Pandemic and the Impact on Families

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What a year it has been; actually, it has been almost 18 months and we are still battling the pandemic war. Honestly, did anyone predict that we would still be spreading the virus by this time in 2021? I certainly didn’t, but here we are! So, at the end of the day, what impact did this have on our seniors …

National Assisted Living Week – Celebrate!

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As we approach another annual “National Assisted Living Week” (September 12-18, 2021), it is a great reminder to be thankful to those who care for our frail elderly. National assisted living week was founded by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) in 1995, way before assisted living became such a prominent part of the post-term care community! The logo …