2021 Morley Awards

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Two papers published last year in JAMA, one on sarcopenia and the other on visitors in the nursing home during the COVID-19 crisis, have won JAMDA’s 2021 Morley Award for their relevance and impact on policy and practice in post-acute and long-term care medicine.

The Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia’s “2019 Consensus Update on Sarcopenia Diagnosis and Treatment” published in March, was deemed impactful based on the number of downloads and “exceptionally high number of citations it received in 2020”; metrics that convey the extent of interest among both general and academic readers, said Sheryl Zimmerman, Ph.D., coeditor in chief of JAMDA.

The second paper “Allowing Visitors Back in the Nursing Home During the COVID-19 Crisis”: A Dutch National Study Into First Experiences and Impact on Well-Being” presented the benefits and challenges of family visitors and how these informed actions related to visitation by the Dutch government. Published in the July issue, “it clearly had an impact, and has relevance in the U.S. and elsewhere”, Dr. Zimmerman said. The annual award, now in its third year, is named after John E. Morley, MB, MCh, who served as editor of JAMDA from 2006 to 2017.

2021 Morley Awards Spotlight Research in Sarcopenia and Visitation Restrictions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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