Elderly woman in hospital bed

3 Day Stay

Angie SzumlinskiNews

If you work in the SNF world you are familiar with the CMS 3-day stay rule, head in the bed for three nights in acute care to qualify for SNF care. The good news is that there is movement underway to revise this criteria and is currently in Washington DC for review. Let’s keep out fingers crossed that we gain some traction on this so we can be sure Medicare beneficiaries are provided the care they need!

Also good news, CMS has published a fact sheet for Medicare Part A and it gives all the detail you need to be sure your resident stays are covered and billed accurately. There are also other tools in the toolkit that may assist in educating families and residents on their coverage requirements and how to be sure they aren’t left with charges for their care in your center!

Go to the link and see if your billing department is aware and doing the right things. It can make a huge difference to your bottom line as well as the overall care of your hospital referrals!