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A Flurry of Activity!

Angie SzumlinskiCompliance

With the ever-changing landscape of how we operate our organizations, CMS continues to update and fine tune the process. Yes, stay tuned it will change tomorrow! That said, we do have some good news! CMS revealed new Blanket Waivers for LTC last week that may be helpful to you as you struggle to maintain a semblance of order! Some of the highlights:

  • Modified QAPI program requirements
  • Extending the amount of time CNAs have to complete the required 12 hours of inservicing
  • Easing some of the discharge planning requirements
  • Modifying the requirements that requires facilities to provide a resident copy of records within 2 working days (now allows 10 working days)
  • Waiving certain physical environment requirements

Yes, we are still struggling. Yes, we are hurting emotionally, physically and financially. Yes, CMS is extending a hand in an effort to assist us in maintaining some semblance of order and continuity. We are thankful for these waivers and for each of you! We will continue to keep you in our prayers. Take care, be well and stay safe!