ALF Providers- Last Chance!

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On Friday, July 31st, NCAL issued a reminder to assisted living providers urging them to submit their information to be considered for possible CARES Act Provider Relief Funds. While these funds are not guaranteed, providing your facility’s information will ensure you have your best chance at securing funds if this distribution happens. Please read their notice below, and submit your information to the linked portals to be eligible!

Reminder: Submit Information on Your Assisted Living Community for HHS

Urgent Action Needed by 5pm ET August 3rd

Dear Assisted Living Provider,

As we have been sharing this week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is considering a possible distribution of CARES Act Provider Relief Funds to private-pay assisted living/memory care providers that are stand-alone or part of a CCRC, located in the U.S states and territories. NCAL, Argentum, ASHA, and LeadingAge are assisting HHS in an effort to collect the necessary information from these providers through a private, secure data collection portal to help ease a potential future distribution of application funds. 

This is a reminder to please submit your relevant data into the secure portal here by August 3 at 5 pm Eastern Time.  

We have no guarantee such a distribution will happen, nor are we aware of an allocation methodology, if such a distribution were to occur. However, providing HHS with this data is an important step forward, and we appreciate your help in being responsive to their request. 

Who is eligible to submit information?

We encourage private-pay assisted living and memory care providers that are stand-alone or those part of a CCRCs in the U.S. states and territories to submit their data. Please note that some states may use different terminology (e.g. personal care homes, supportive living facilities, etc.) to describe their licensed assisted living-type providers. All of these providers are encouraged to submit their information. For purposes of this portal, the term licensure also includes assisted living and memory care communities registered or certified by the state. Submitting your data does not guarantee you will receive or be eligible to receive a payment. You do not need to be a member of one of our senior living trade associations to participate in this secure and confidential data-collection effort. 

What data must be submitted?

– Name of licensed/registered/certified assisted living and/or memory care community

– Name of entity that holds the license/registration/certification

– Address

– Community license/registration/certification number (some states may not provide a number)

– Corresponding Tax Identification Number (TIN)

– Taxpayer ID Number for the filing company

– Contact information for the person submitting data

– Include licensed assisted living that is part of a CCRC or a skilled nursing facility (SNF), even if the SNF has already received funding from the Provider Relief Fund

Where do I submit the data?

All of the above information should be submitted either manually or by uploading a specific file (see instructions for details) in the secure data collection portal. You will need to create an account. Please complete all the fields to ensure your submission will be accepted. Incomplete submissions will likely result in a delay in their inclusion.

What is the deadline to submit data?

Please submit the requested data into the secure data collection portal by Monday, August 3 at 5 pm ET.

Thank you for your quick action in support of this vital aid to our industry. If you have any questions, please contact us at

– Scott Tittle, NCAL Executive Director