All the Buzz

Angie SzumlinskiNews

Person-centered care plan, is it real or is it yet another buzz word? Person centered care planning (PCP) is a process directed by the person who receives the support, along with their chosen group of people, to create a vision for their future and organize the services and supports they need to achieve their goals. PCP focuses on the person’s strengths, preferences, and desired outcomes, rather than their limitations.

Sounds good right? As it should be but how well are we managing the process? Remember, it is an ongoing process that involves monitoring and adjusting the plan as needed. The federal regulations state “care plans must be person-centered and reflect the resident’s goals for admission and desired outcomes.” But realistically how many of your residents don’t change over time? Remember, they are dynamic and when there is a change in status, their goals and interventions will also change.

Maybe it is time for your QAPI committee to review F655 (comprehensive care plans)? Take a look at the requirements, review your internal process for reviewing care plans, meet with each resident at least quarterly to ensure goals and interventions are still relevant. Be aware of significant changes in status both improvement and decline as the resident’s goals may change based on their status. Stay well and stay informed!