Alzheimer’s Drug Aduhelm Meeting Resistance

Angie Szumlinski Studies

Alzheimer’s is a horrible, debilitating disease that brings heartbreak and loss to way too many families. It is no wonder that drug manufacturers are working diligently to find a treatment. Sadly, many of the drug trials we have heard about have not been successful so imagine the excitement when Biogen announced they had a treatment option!

As we have experienced in the past however, the Biogen medication, Aduhelm has also come under some pretty intense scrutiny. The American Medical Association announced a few weeks ago that they do not endorse this medication as they have safety concerns. This isn’t to say that the AMDA won’t determine that the medication is safe in the future, but right now they are hesitant. Most recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs has decided not to include Biogen’s drug on its national formulary due to “the risk of significant adverse drug events” and a “lack of evidence of a positive impact on cognition.”

So, what does this mean going forward? Maybe Biogen will produce more data that supports the use of this medication? Maybe they will go back to the drawing board and see if additional studies are needed? Whatever happens with this medication, it is comforting to know that the manufacturer is working on an acceptable treatment option for those living with Alzheimer’s disease, and more importantly, that our medical community of experts is closely watching and ensuring that safety is the priority!

Stay well, stay informed and stay tuned!