Are we doing the right things for pain management?

Angie SzumlinskiStudies

In a recent article written by J Bryan Conrad, PhD1; Ann Monis, PsyD2; Elizabeth B Hooper, PsyD2 in reference to a study on pain management for long term care facilities, pain was positively correlated with female gender, fractures, pressure ulcers, falls, sleeping disorders, cancer, unstable health conditions, a number of drugs and depression. The authors also found that a high number of long-term care residents experience pain (48.8%).

The article gave me a reason to pause. As providers, we are under strict federal regulations regarding resident rights, pain management, dignity, etc. However, the statistics in this article were troubling. Are we doing the right things for the right reasons? Are you sure? It may be helpful to initiate a PIP on pain management and take a deeper dive into what is happening with your residents.

Remember, pain is subjective and requires ongoing assessment and management. Share this article and maybe it will jump-start your team to work on reducing the number of residents experiencing pain in your center.