Booster Shot?

Angie Szumlinski Announcements, News

Pfizer has announced it is trialing a third COVID-19 shot to be administered six to 12 months after a patient’s two-dose regimen. The trial will examine whether a booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine would tackle any new strains that emerge, the two companies said. The study will use participants from its Phase I trial in the US “in order to be prepared for any potential future strain changes”.

“The flexibility of our proprietary mRNA vaccine platform allows us to technically develop booster vaccines within weeks, if needed,” said Ugu Sahin, BioNTech CEO, in a statement. “We take these steps in order to ensure a long-term immunity against the virus and its variants”.

The bottom line, we really have no idea whether a booster or “third shot” will be required to fend off variants of the SARS virus but honestly, you have to love the researchers and how hard they are working to stay one step ahead! We haven’t crossed the finish line yet, we need to learn more about the things we don’t know and have no control over. What we can do is follow best practices and CDC recommendations, wash our hands, mask up, social distance, avoid crowds, stay outdoors when possible, and stay tuned!