2019 AHRQ Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture is Available

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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality developed this survey to assess safety culture in long-term care facilities. This year’s survey found positive results in “Overall Perceptions of Resident Safety” and “Feedback and Communication About Incidents” but revealed areas of improvement in “Staffing” and “Communication Openness”. A link to the full report can be downloaded HERE. An Executive Summary can …

Is a Fall Efficacy Scale Reliable, Valid for OAs With PD?

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A study that was recently published in Parkinson’s Disease found that The Fall Efficacy Scale-International (FES-I), an assessment questionnaire, was found to be reliable and valid to measure the fear of falling during on- and off-drug phases in older adults with Parkinson disease (PD). You can read about the findings at managedhealthcareconnect.com: https://www.managedhealthcareconnect.com/content/fall-efficacy-scale-reliable-valid-oas-pd?hmpid=ZXJpY2EuaG9sbWFuQGhlYWx0aGNhcHVzYS5jb20=

CNA Perspectives on Caring for Residents with Dementia

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Alzheimer disease and other dementias are common diagnoses in long-term care (LTC). In this setting, certified nurse aides (CNAs) provide the majority of care for residents with dementia. The responsibility can be challenging, however, as evidenced by frequent CNA staff turnover. Read about the findings of four focus groups made up of 20 CNAs to understand the unique barriers impacting …

Seniors doing exercises

Movement Helps Maintain Memory

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Despite brain lesions or biomarkers linked to dementia, higher levels of daily movement may be linked to better thinking and memory skills in older adults. Researchers from Rush University Medical Center found that older adults that exercise regularly or participate in routine physical activity, such as housework, may maintain more of their memory and thinking skills. Their findings were published …

Opioid-Related Inpatient Stays and Emergency Department Visits Among Patients Aged 65 Years and Older

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Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) Statistical Brief #244 states  that opioid misuse in older adults is an underappreciated and growing problem. Although opioid misuse overall is lower among older than among younger Americans, the rate of opioid misuse among older adults nearly doubled between 2002 and 2014. In 2016, a third of the more than 40 million Americans enrolled in …

Antipsychotic Drugs Don’t Ease ICU Delirium

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Powerful drugs that have been used for decades to treat delirium are ineffective for that purpose, according to a study published online Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine. Read more about the study here.  

Study Targets For-Profit Nursing Homes Over Higher Risk of Neglect

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New research from the University of Illinois at Chicago suggests that residents in for-profit nursing homes have the highest risk of receiving neglect-related diagnoses. Read the full article at skillednursingnews.com: Study Targets For-Profit Nursing Homes Over Higher Risk of Neglect

BioSensics Announces a $4.3M Grant Award from NIH

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BioSensics Announces a $4.3M Grant Award from NIH to Develop Tools for Continuous, Remote Monitoring of Cognitive Decline Dr. Joseph Gwin, Vice President of Research and Development at BioSensics, announced a $4.3M grant award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) during his presentation at DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials last Tuesday. With this grant award, BioSensics will …

House Bill Would Allow Groups to Use Telemedicine for Long-Term Care

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The Reducing Unnecessary Senior Hospitalizations Act of 2018, or the RUSH Act would allow medical groups to use telemedicine to treat patients in long-term care facilities rather than transporting them to the hospital. At present, Medicare is unable to reimburse skilled nursing facilities for the cost of telehealth providers. The RUSH Act would address this problem by allowing Medicare to make arrangements …