Change and You!

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Change and You!

The National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative published a “Change Package” in April 2017. This resource is a collection of great ideas and practices to create lasting change in nursing homes. The goal of the package is to instill quality and performance improvement practices, eliminate Healthcare-Acquired Conditions (HACs) and dramatically improve resident satisfaction by focusing on the systems that impact quality such as: staffing, operations, communication, leadership, compliance, clinical models, quality of life indicators and specific clinical outcomes.

Throughout the change package, strategies will be introduced and supported by change concepts and action items. Change concepts are general approaches that are intended to stimulate creative and critical thinking and are further grounded by specific actionable items that any nursing home can begin testing for purposes of improving residents’ quality of life and care.

Key Change Strategies include:

  1. Lead with a sense of purpose
  2. Recruit and retain quality staff
  3. Connect with residents in a celebration of their lives
  4. Nourish teamwork and communication
  5. Be a continuous learning organization
  6. Provide exceptional compassionate clinical care that treats the whole person
  7. Construct solid business practices that support your purpose

This is an amazing toolkit, developed for ease of use and to support the efforts of providers across the county. Sound like a great resource for your continuous quality improvement plan? For more information and to view the entire package, go to:

Good luck and if you should need assistance please feel free to contact your risk management consultant at