CMS Press Release- Call to Action

Angie SzumlinskiTraining

CMS has released great informational material during the pandemic, including free training designed to educate staff in nursing homes and help combat the spread of COVID-19. Early this week, CMS released a statement publicly recognizing those that have completed training, and calling out star facilities that have had over half their staff complete such training.

By the numbers, 125,506 individuals have completed the training from 7,313 different nursing homes. 1,092 of those facilities have had more than half of their staff complete training. This means 12.5% of the entire nursing home staff in the country is strongly equipped with the latest information about COVID-19, including vaccine distribution, infection control, PPE usage, and screening/surveillance.

While this is a significant number, it can always go higher! Please consider implementing this training to better educate the staff at your facility. There are five modules designed for frontline clinical staff, and ten modules for nursing home management. CMS also offers an online self-assessment tool to help you decide which modules will best meet the needs of your staff. Please visit the links below for more information:

Online Self-Assessment Tool
How To Create an Account and Take Training
CMS Press Release