CMS Provides Updated Guidance for Emergency Preparedness Exemptions

Angie Szumlinski Announcements, Featured

CMS updated their guidance related to emergency preparedness for exercise exemptions based on a facility’s activation of their Emergency Plan. The guidance applies to the below qualified facilities:

CMS recognizes many facilities are still operating under disaster/emergency conditions during the PHE, i.e., under an activated emergency plan. We are therefore providing additional guidance for inpatient providers/suppliers, consistent with the exemption authorized by the EP regulations. This exemption applies to the next required full-scale exercise only, not the exercise of choice, based on the facility’s 12-month exercise cycle. The exercise cycle is determined by the facility (e.g. calendar year, fiscal year or another 12- month timeframe).
The updated guidance only applies if a facility is still currently operating under its activated emergency plan. Facilities which have resumed normal operating status (not under their activated emergency plans) and were exempted from a full-scale exercise for its 2020 cycle, must conduct a full-scale exercise or an individual facility-based exercise for its next cycle.

CMS Memo 6/21/2021