CMS’s Controls Related to Hospital Preparedness Not Sufficient

Angie Szumlinski News

The US Office of Inspector General recently conducted an audit to assess CMS’s controls related to hospital preparedness for emerging infectious diseases. According to their report on the audit, they “reviewed the design and implementation of CMS’s controls regarding the approximately 500 hospitals certified to participate in Medicare and Medicaid by State survey agencies under contract with CMS. We also reviewed CMS’s controls regarding the approximately 4,200 hospitals known as accredited hospitals because they have joined a CMS-approved program operated by a private accreditation organization.”

The OIG found that controls implemented by CMS were well-designed and carried out, however “CMS’s authority is not sufficient for it to fulfill its responsibility to ensure that accredited hospitals would maintain quality and safety during an emerging infectious disease emergency.” As a result, the OIG recommended that CMS makes regulatory changes to strengthen their authority. CMS agreed, and hopefully we will see change in the near future.

Stay well and stay tuned!