Nurse making vaccine injection to elderly patient

Coronavirus – A Hot Topic

Angie SzumlinskiHealth, News

Everyone is talking about it, it is “catchy”! Yes, Coronavirus is the hottest topic today aside from Kobe Bryant of course. But at the end of the day, we still need to stay vigilant, stay the course and follow the CDC’s recommendations for protecting our seniors against influenza and pneumonia by providing them with recommended immunizations.

The “flu”, both A and B are still the leading cause of illness and death in our seniors in this country. As we age, our body changes, making it more difficult for us to fight infections such as flu and pneumonia. Also, many seniors live in senior housing/communal settings which increases the risk of illnesses spreading by sheer exposure.

According to the CDC, 85% of deaths and 58% of hospitalizations related to the flu are senior citizens. Adding insult to injury, the herpes virus affects 10 per 1,000 older individuals annually and despite the known benefits associated with immunizations, adult vaccination rates remain low in the United States. 

It is time for us to make a difference! Talk to your residents and families about the KNOWN risks of not accepting immunizations annually. The statistics say it all, share them, post them and by all means, get a flu shot!

Click here to get up to date on the CDCs most recent information on influenza, herpes zoster and yes even Coronavirus.