kids shoes standing on a scale

COVID-19 BMI and Obesity

Angie Szumlinski News

Everyone I talk to is complaining about the weight they have gained during the COVID-19 pandemic. True, if you have experienced some weight gain this past year and a half, you are definitely not alone! Most people who are willing to share, reflect back on their lack of physical activity and enjoying comfort food, while some are recovering from sports injuries related to overdoing their workouts. One extreme or the other!

As adults, we can take a step back, change our unhealthy eating habits, decrease our alcohol intake, beef up our cardio workout, and enjoy positive results! But, what about the children of this pandemic? Younger people have been isolated, glued to tablet screens, and comforted with gushers, pop tarts, and pizza bites! Sadly, these children are also experiencing the ill effects of making poor lifestyle choices!

In a study published in JAMA Open, researchers discussed the impact of the pandemic on children, and it isn’t pretty. Youth between 5 and 17 years of age gained more weight during the COVID-19 pandemic than before the pandemic, not surprising right? However, the greatest change occurred in the 5-11-year old group, with an increased BMI of 1.57 and obesity increased in all age groups studied. Isn’t it time to change the tide? Take a look at the kids you love, make it your mission to ensure they go back to being the healthy, active young people they were prior to the pandemic. Stock your kitchen with healthy choices of fruits and veggies, string cheese, whole grains, and nuts and get them outside and kick the soccer ball around! Stay well, stay informed, and stay tuned!