COVID-19 Data – Incomplete, Unstable

Angie SzumlinskiNews

The White House coronavirus task force warned states of incomplete and unstable COVID-19 data due to the ongoing holiday season, making it difficult to track the pandemic’s trajectory as concerns rise over the continued or accelerated spread. “Data is currently unstable, outside of daily hospital admissions, due to inconsistent reporting and incomplete data over the holidays; there will be reporting ‘surge’ in cases and deaths as reporting catches up,” the task force said in multiple reports sent to state officials dated December 27 and obtained by CNN.

The task force informed states that it changed its policy regarding weekly update reports, rather than the report being sent along with a batch of data and information on matters such as testing, personal protective equipment, nursing home cases, and hospitalizations. States were told, “The Governor’s State Weekly Report is available by request from the White House Intergovernmental Affairs.”

It is difficult to know how accurate our reporting is, the NHSN/CDC website is the source for this information and it IS required! Do your best to be sure you are reporting timely and accurately, otherwise, it is difficult to track the number of cases and the needs of our centers.

It is up to us; stay the course, stay well, mask up and stay tuned!