Cultivating Kindness

Angie Szumlinski News

What a wonderful theme for the 2023 National Skilled Nursing Care Week! AHCA/NCAL announced that they have posted resources to assist members in celebrating the kindness our caregivers share with residents every day. It is fun to “celebrate” with an annual event, we need to honor those who face the challenges of staying positive, providing quality care, and embracing each resident in our care 24/7. 

This annual event was established in 1967 and fittingly, begins the week of Mother’s Day every year! The AHCA/NCAL website continues to support our centers and has many resources available to you! There are logos and graphics, an entire toolkit of resources to market your events and a social platform NSNCW Facebook channel where you can share videos of your celebrations throughout the week. 

The key to these celebrations is to not only recognize your caregivers with special events, treats and lunches, but to also recognize your residents and their families. Stay focused on what is important even when things are crazy and people are running around with their hair on fire. Caring, being empathetic, supporting families and residents, providing a great work environment for caregivers and taking time to reflect. Life is good, you are great, enjoy, celebrate, and take a bow!