Man testing blood sugar

Diabetes – The New Horizon

Angie SzumlinskiHealth, Studies

A recent article published in the Endocrine News identifies a new set of “quality measures” that outline key risk factors that raise an individual’s chances of developing hypoglycemia.

Key risk factors include:

  • Experiencing a hypoglycemic event where blood glucose levels dropped below 54 mg/dl and required immediate attention within the past year
  • Experiencing altered mental or physical status requiring assistance during a severe hypoglycemic event in the past year
  • Among individuals who manage their blood sugar with insulin or medicines like sulfonylureas that increase the risk of hypoglycemia
    • A documented A1c of less than 7% in the past six months or
    • At least one other relevant chronic medical problem

These are important findings and may assist caregivers in preventing hypoglycemic events/negative outcomes for our residents living with a diabetes diagnosis.