Disaster Can Strike at Any Time!

Angie SzumlinskiNews

Access Our Disaster Preparedness Manual… For Free!

Last March we posted about a winter storm that hit Kimball County – located in the panhandle of Western Nebraska. HealthCap® member facility Kimball County Manor experienced power loss and snow drifts as high as the rooftop during that storm! But they had a disaster plan in place that helped them get through the 3 days it took to shovel them out.

Now that hurricane season is upon us, Dorian updates have even those of us not in the path of the storm thinking about Disaster Preparedness. If your facility were struck by disaster, would you know what to do?

Being prepared can mean the difference between tragedy and triumph! Whether you're a HealthCap® member or not, we want you to be ready if disaster strikes Click To Tweet

That’s why we are providing everyone, member or not, access to our Disaster Preparedness Manual.