Don’t Do That, Do This!

Angie Szumlinski
May 27, 2020

When posting facility data

In this time of ever-changing rules and regulations, providers are now responsible for posting facility data on the CDC/NHSN website. This data may be used to determine when and if an infection control survey should be initiated, how much PPE is being utilized, how much PPE will be needed, how you are doing with staffing, etc. Good or bad, this is our world today.

What hasn’t changed is our responsibility to keep our families and residents informed of what is happening within our centers. The look may have changed but the bottom line is that we really do a good job with this 99.9% of the time. The most recent requirements (although a little confusing) add another layer of notification responsibility.

If there is one (1) new resident/staff confirmed case of COVID-19 or three (3) symptomatic residents/staff within 72 hours, you are required to notify the residents and families by 5:00 pm the following day.

The good news is that “how” you do that is up to you! There are many options for managing these notifications including using website postings, email blasts, group texting, robocalls, posting on websites, snail-mail, etc. and you can decide what works for you. As you consider your options here are a few things to think about:


Provide more information than is required;

Provide information/updates as a corporate “group” showing all corporate-owned centers*;

Have your information link redirect to a corporate site (if using your website)*;

Require the reader to “email” a corporate office to obtain the information;


Be sure any links you have are working or the information won’t be available (if using your website);

Consider making a statement explaining how the required information will be provided if you choose not to use your website as the resource;

Be sure to update as required;

Keep copies/evidence of all updates (e.g., if updating your website, keep an archive copy or screenshot of each update with date of update/screenshot noted (try and capture your computer’s date/time in the screenshot).

Direct all follow-up questions/inquiries to one or two individuals (e.g., Admin and DON) and not someone at corporate.

Contact a random sample of families to assess how well the process is working;

If the process isn’t working well, change your approach but be sure to notify families of a change!

For access to samples of communication letters/posting options please visit our Resource & Education Center.

*HealthCap does not recommend posting individual facility data on a corporate website or linking facility websites directly to a corporate site. If this is your practice, consider:

  • Providing only the required data,
  • Include the state of where each facility is located
  • Provide the cumulative number of “recovered” residents/staff by the individual facility.

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