Everyone is Doing It!

Angie SzumlinskiNews

I remember growing up my mom used to say “if everyone jumped off the bridge would you jump”? Even back then as a child, I said “no”. But here we are, January, the beginning of a new year and of course, the beginning of new year resolutions! Everyone is doing it, losing weight, dragging themselves to the gym, having alcohol free days, etc. So, it was interesting when I read an article about restaurant labeling and the impact it has on us, the consumers. 

If you go to a restaurant today, you will likely see calorie counts next to each of the items on the menu. Does it influence your choice when you are selecting your meal? Well according to a recent study, it apparently DOES influence some of us. The study was conducted in Mexican-inspired fast-food restaurants (can you say cheese please?) and it found that menu labeling was associated with 25 fewer calories purchased per transaction in the first 2 years compared to those with no labels. So, what does that mean? Consumers are sensitive to calorie information on menu boards. Yes, you, me, anyone else who dines out are apparently sensitive to this information. 

Whether it is printed on a menu, on the back of packaging when preparing food at home, or on social media, calories count! If you are working on a healthy 2024, you may be counting them. Enjoy the luxury of having the restaurant do the counting for you. Sure, 25 calories don’t sound like much but at the end of the day, they add up and may reflect in your overall personal improvement plan for the year! Remember, moderation but most of all, be kind to yourself! Stay well and stay informed!