FDA Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Update

Angie Szumlinski News

The U.S. government is no longer distributing the monoclonal antibody therapy bamlanivimab due to the sustained increase in coronavirus variants in the United States. The FDA has determined that this monoclonal antibody therapy may not produce the desired effects with the widely spreading variants of the virus. However, when administered with etesevimab, another monoclonal antibody treatment also developed by Eli Lilly, the treatments appear to work on the newly identified variants.

When the original Emergency Use Authorization was granted, the two drugs were identified as being used together. Now the results are proven that the combination may be the best plan especially with variants. Be sure that your physician service providers are current with the updated information and treatments. It is even more important now that the variants are showing up in larger numbers among young adults, our healthcare workers!

Check out the updated Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for bamlanivimab 700 mg IV.

Stay well, mask up, and stay tuned!