“Free” – Testing and Masks

Angie Szumlinski News

As we continue this long, tedious journey we call “the pandemic”, we are faced with another wrinkle! Remember all of those pretty, decorative, facemasks we made at home and shared with everyone we loved, to “keep them safe”? Well, it turns out these masks are just that, “pretty and decorative” but technically provide little to no protection against the SARS virus, especially the omicron variant.

Bring on the surgical/KN95 masks, right? Well, that would be accurate, however, try to find them! There are few stores who have them in stock, you will wait for weeks for them if you order online and now the federal government says, “Don’t worry, we will send some to you”, along with at-home testing kits right? However, the plan was not ready to be announced at the time.

Bottom line, we all know that masks work. Similar to the vaccine, take what you can get at the time! Don’t sit and wait for the government to send you masks or testing supplies, do your research, call your local pharmacy, use google, whatever it takes to be sure you can get the proper masks and testing supplies you might need in the future.  Stay well, stay informed and mask up!