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Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery

Angie SzumlinskiTraining

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery – a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world. No matter where you live, chances are it’s happening nearby. From the girl forced to prostitute at a truck stop, to the man discovered in a restaurant kitchen, stripped of his passport and held against his will. All trafficking victims share one essential experience, a loss of freedom. HealthCap offers a two-part program on Human Trafficking and is intended to assist medical professionals in identifying human trafficking and assisting in making a difference.

So, what does this mean to you, the post-acute care provider? It means that you need to be alert to the signs of human trafficking, maybe subtle changes in a staff member’s appearance, quality of their work, increased tardiness, absenteeism, etc. These things are troubling for any employer but they could be a sign of a deeper problem. Be alert, pay attention, know your staff at their “norm”. Remember, it can happen in your own backyard!