It is Fall

Angie Szumlinski News

Yes, hard to believe, right? Summer flew by, lots of fun and family events, reunions, weddings, graduations, BA.2.86, Omicron, super spreaders, oh wait, not COVID! Sadly, yes, the number of positive COVID cases is on the rise again. The experts predicted there may be an uptick this winter, but no one predicted the fall?  

Having been touched personally by this virus, I can tell you the symptoms are much worse in most people than the previous virus mutations. Hospitalizations are increasing, deaths are on the rise, and just the down time for isolation, etc. can greatly impact personal lifestyle. Many states have dedicated nursing home COVID hubs for people who contract the disease outside of a rehab center. Many people with COVID are hospitalized and then transferred to a hub for about 11 days and either go home or move to an open bed off the COVID unit. 

Trying to stay positive is difficult for everyone but we need to remember, this virus is long from gone. We need to understand the impact it can have on everyone’s lives and take precautions to avoid illness. The last thing we need or want is to have states initiate lockdowns again, geez, that would be awful! So, what can you do? Get vaccinated, wash your hands, cover your cough, stay home if you are sick and if you should test positive with a home test kit, please report it to the health department so that we can have accurate tracking! Stay well and stay informed! 

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