Long-Term Drug Therapy and Drug Holidays for Osteoporosis Fracture Prevention

Angie Szumlinski Health, News

A recent study to summarize the effects of long-term osteoporosis drug treatment and of osteoporosis drug treatment discontinuation and holidays found that long-term alendronate, zoledronate, and oral hormone therapy reduced nonvertebral fractures in older women, with oral hormone therapy also reducing hip fractures. While absolute reductions in typical fractures with long-term bisphosphonates are large relative to increases in AFF, reduced hip fracture risk with oral hormone therapy appears offset by increased risk of serious harms. Evidence is limited regarding ODT holidays for fractures and harms. Future research is needed, including randomized trials comparing ODT holiday durations and sequential treatments powered for clinical fractures, and controlled cohort studies of ODT holidays to estimate rare harms.

Read more about the study and download the reports HERE.