Managing Acuity Creep in Assisted Living Centers

Angie SzumlinskiNews

Not planning on attending the regional HealthCap seminar in your area? Maybe you should reconsider! As we transition from a healthcare model to a social model in assisted living we are faced with many challenges including how to ensure “person-centered care” is in the forefront. Statistically, assisted living residents experience similar physical, cognitive and ADL declines as residents living in SNF settings however many of our assisted living centers are not equipped to manage these declines. The HealthCap seminar shares information to assist providers in meeting the increasing needs of their residents while maintaining a social model of care! LinkedIn published an article that provides insight into some recommendations and things to consider as your community evolves into a person-centered care model!

We have two seminars coming up in October: October 3 in Greensboro, NC and October 24 in Natick, MA. At these sessions we will:

  • Identify trends in post-acute litigation
  • Discuss acuity creep
  • Discuss the concept of matching residents needs with provider capabilities
  • Define scope of service related to staffing

Hope to see you at our upcoming seminars!