OIG Exclusion List

Angie SzumlinskiUncategorized

Does your facility have a protocol for monitoring the OIG monthly LEIE (exclusion list) posting?  It may be time to meet with your human resource department to develop and implement a policy and procedure!  Why?  Any provider who employs or contracts with an excluded individual or entity is subject to the imposition of civil monetary penalties by the OIG.  Things to remember the policy: 

  • Must be followed consistently for each individual (all or nothing rule)
  • Should avoid naming specific entities (someone may be overlooked); everyone gets checked!
  • Must include employees, physicians, therapists, and other allied health individuals should be included

Remember, health care providers are excluded for a reason, don’t you want to know?

The OIG website (www.OIG.gov) has an archived Compliance Program Webinar that explains the LEIE in detail.

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