OSHA Issues Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare and Updated Guidance for All Industries

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On June 10th, 2021, OSHA issued an emergency temporary standard for healthcare and updated guidelines for all industries. Please visit the below links to learn how this affects you and your facility.

  June 10, 2021   •   Volume 20, Issue 13   •   A twice monthly newsletter with information about workplace safety and health. OSHA QuickTakes - OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration Special Edition - Emergency Temporary Standard
OSHA Issues Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare and
Updated Guidance for All Industries   Emergency Temporary Standard OSHA has issued an emergency temporary standard that requires employers to help protect healthcare workers in settings where suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients are treated. ETS webpage FAQs ETS summary Workers using protective equipment in a hospital   Worker wearing face covering COVID-19 Guidance for Workplaces The agency also issued updated guidance on mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in all workplaces. COVID-19 Q&A   Question What is an Emergency Temporary Standard? Answer OSHA issues an emergency temporary standard (ETS) under limited circumstances. The agency must determine that workers are exposed to a grave danger from new hazards or toxic substances or agents determined to be physically harmful and that an ETS is needed to protect them. Once published in the Federal Register, an ETS takes effect immediately and remains in effect until replaced by a permanent standard. The ETS also serves as a proposal for a permanent standard and is subject to the usual notice and comment rulemaking procedure for adopting a permanent standard except that it must be finalized within six months. State Plans are required to have an ETS that is at least as effective as an ETS issued by federal OSHA 30 days following publication. OSHA’s newly published ETS to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19 is the first one issued in 38 years.       OSHA Twitter QuickTakes RSS Department of Labor - YouTube SUBSCRIBE SEND FEEDBACK ARCHIVE   Occupational Safety and Health Administration
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