Pandemic Feet

Angie Szumlinski News

Okay, really? What is “pandemic feet” all about? Well, according to The New York Times, podiatrists are reporting an uptick in foot trauma since the pandemic. Although there is no hard data on this trend, many podiatrists have spotted a clear correlation between foot injuries and the pandemic.

Think about it, fitness centers basically closed their doors in states where the weather prohibited moving their classes outdoors. Many people basically “quit” working out and decided to hunker down and eat potato chips. Add to that, when people stay home, they tend to not wear shoes. This can–and has–resulted in stubbed toes, fractures, and overuse injuries which are more common when going barefoot.

Sadly, one podiatrist said that many of us have undergone atrophy and bone density loss from inactivity. Isn’t it time to say goodbye to the detrimental effects of the pandemic? Yes! Get off your bare feet, don a good pair of walking shoes, and hit the road. Time’s up, the game is on! Ready, set, go! Stay informed, stay well, and stay united!