Post-Fall Huddles – Is Your Team Engaged?

Angie SzumlinskiHealth, Studies

We have all heard about, talked about or participated in post-fall huddles hoping to improve outcomes for our residents. A recent study conducted by BMC Health Services has identified that post-fall huddles may reduce the risk of repeat falls. Staff who participate in post-fall huddles are likely to have positive perceptions of teamwork support for fall-risk reduction and safety culture because huddles are a team-based approach to reporting, adapting, and learning. So the bigger question, are you currently conducting post-fall huddles with your interdisciplinary team to assist in identifying the root cause of a resident fall? If not it might be time to jump on the “huddle wagon” and join others in enjoying better outcomes!

For more information about post-fall activities, see our Post-Fall Roadmap.

Jones KJ, Crowe J, Allen JA, Skinner AM, High R, Kennel V, Reiter-Palmon R. The impact of post-fall huddles on repeat fall rates and perceptions of safety culture: a quasi-experimental evaluation of a patient safety demonstration project. BMC Health Serv Res. Sep 9, 2019;19(1):650.