Quality Measures and Five Star Rating

Angie SzumlinskiUncategorized

Changes made to the Five Star and Quality Measure ratings in July have resulted in changes in ratings for many facilities.  The American Health Care Association (AHCA) compared data from the Nursing Home Compare website and identified

  1. Some facilities did have a decrease of two or more stars however an equal number of facilities enjoyed an increase of two or more stars
  2. The number of facilities experiencing a change in star ratings had not changed with the implementation of the new system
  3. The overall distribution of the number of stars did not change between the old and new system
  4. There has been a 25% change in the Quality Measure portion of the star rating system while very small changes were identified in overall Five Star ratings, Health Deficiency ratings and RN/Direct Care Staff ratings.

Remember, the Five Star rating is viewed by your customers and may be the only measurable data available to them when choosing a nursing home.  Do you know what your ratings are and how they are calculated?  Chances are your neighbor/competitor knows what their ratings are as well as yours! 

HealthCap recommends that you understand how your home is evaluated and presented to the public.  Be prepared to respond to inquiries and maintain a Five Star rating that puts you at a competitive edge.  Information on the updated Five Star Rating system is available at www.CMS.gov and at www.AHCA.org and discuss this hot topic with your HealthCap risk manager!