Nurse pushing hospital gurney

RAFT Model of SNF Care

Angie SzumlinskiHealth, Studies

In a recent article published in JAMDA, the “RAFT Model of SNF Care” is discussed with interesting observations and outcomes.

What is RAFT? It is a process to assist centers in Reducing Avoidable Facility Transfers. Did that get your attention?! There are 4 distinct components to the RAFT process including:

  1. Small team of providers who manage care and after-hour calls
  2. Systematic process for obtaining advance care plans including acute care preferences
  3. Increased engagement of the provider during an acute care event
  4. Case review where the team meets twice a month to discuss the most recent hospital transfers

The study can be viewed in its entirety at the link above however some interesting conclusions were drawn from the information gathered. Bottom line, the dedicated group of clinicians substantially reduced ED and hospital utilization for SNF residents by deepening provider engagement in acute care management, aligning care with preferences and increasing transparency and accountability.  Although this was a small scale effort it yielded large results and established the initial groundwork toward a model that merits future study in larger-scale, more diverse populations.