Remove Thy Mask – Oh Wait!

Angie Szumlinski News

Seriously? What a debacle! How many times are we going to change our minds regarding wearing/not wearing facemasks? And the government wonders why we question their logic and research? In the past week I have read (no kidding) a minimum of 15 articles on why or why not the mask mandate should or shouldn’t be lifted. Add to that, each state has decided they may want to chime in as well!

Bottom line, is there a “right” or “wrong” regarding masks? Should we, or shouldn’t we? I can tell you that as I travel around the country, the rules change in mid-air, literally. When you take off from one airport, you are mask free but when you land in the next airport, you are required to mask up. What’s a girl to do?! My rule of thumb is to always carry back up masks in a zip lock baggy in my brief case, I prefer the KN95 disposables, however, surgical masks also provide protection (at least that was what the “experts” said yesterday!) I never take anything for granted, we are continuing to see outbreaks of COVID-19 around the country, albeit not as devastating as the original strain, but still around.

Whatever you decide to do with your masks, do it for you, make sure you follow the rules and take care of yourself. Prefer to mask up? Go for it! Not required and you prefer no mask? Go for it! Live and let live, don’t judge and don’t regret! Stay well and stay informed!