Reporting COVID-19 Vaccines

Angie Szumlinski News

For years, post-acute care providers have been required to document and report both pneumococcal and influenza vaccines administered within their centers. Now that the COVID-19 vaccine has been distributed and administered to the majority of post-acute care centers around the country, there is an outcry from several lawmakers in DC to require nursing homes to disclose coronavirus vaccination rates for residents and staff. The reason for the request is that it would make it easy for family members advocacy groups and researchers to access such potentially critical details. 

This request comes as consumer advocates say it remains exceedingly difficult for family members to get coronavirus information from Medicare on individual nursing homes, either through the program’s COVID-19 Nursing Home Data website or its regular Care Compare site. To be clear, nursing homes have been required since last May to regularly report cases and deaths among residents and staff to the government AND inform the public of any new cases or clusters of three or more residents or staff with symptoms.  

All said, is the information we are sharing clear and digestible for the average American looking for post-acute care? Maybe not; maybe it is time to assess how we are sharing, what we are sharing, and who our audience is. Remember, it isn’t so much what we say, but how we say it! Something to consider as we continue our journey, let’s be transparent and be sure we are meeting the needs of our customers.

Stay well, mask up, and stay tuned!