Required Reporting for HFA and AFC Facilities

Angie SzumlinskiCompliance

Have you been compliant with reporting requirements for your facility? If your facility is licensed for 13 or more individuals as a Home for the Aged (HFA) or Adult Foster Care (AFC), you must participate in weekly COVID-19 data reporting. Please read the statement from MCAL below for more information:

HFA and AFC – Licensed for 13 or More, Required to Report

MCAL has become aware that there are many facilities that are not reporting or may not be reporting thoroughly and accurately. Some are missing the deadline times and are being found to be out of compliance. Home for the Aged (HFA) and Adult Foster Care (AFC) Facilities licensed for 13 or more individuals must participate in weekly COVID-19 data reporting.

HFA/AFC facilities that have previously registered should complete their weekly reporting of resident and staff COVID-19 data in the Qualtrics platform by 12 PM (noon) every Wednesday, using the unique link provided for each licensed facility. Each weekly report covers incident data collected from the preceding 7-day period. If the person who normally reports is unable to do so, please be sure whoever does the reporting instead is trained in the process and has all the data needed to fill in the details. A facility can go back to a previous week to make corrections but it is our understanding that you may only be able to access up to 2 weeks prior.

Reporting period for week ending February 10 covers data for February 3 through February 9. Tomorrow, February 10 is a reporting day – by noon.

Facilities that have not yet registered to report should contact for further instructions.