Angie Szumlinski News

For those of us fortunate enough to have never sustained a traumatic injury resulting in the loss of a limb or living with a birth defect affecting our limbs, we probably give little thought to science researching limb regrowth. But for the millions of people affected, they long for researchers to find a way to replace their prosthetic device and allow them to live a “normal” life again.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Science Advances, researchers were able to trigger regrowth of a lost leg in frogs using a five-drug cocktail applied in a silicone, wearable bioreactor, biodome. The brief treatment sets in motion an 18-month period of regrowth that restores a functional leg. Wow, seriously? Could this really mean that missing human limbs could be regrown?

According to the researchers, yes! The goal is that they will begin testing the treatment on mammals soon. Imagine, the millions of people struggling with prosthetic devices, who may not have to suffer the pain often accompanying weight-bearing prosthetics! Imagine, someone who never rode a bike or played football, being able to join their friends and families in enjoying sports and just day-to-day activities. Wow, again! Let’s hope these researchers stay on track and bring some hope to so many people! Stay the course, stay informed and stay well!