Rising Obesity Rates Put Strain on Nursing Homes

Angie SzumlinskiUncategorized

BAY, Ala. — At 72, her gray hair closely shorn, her days occupied by
sewing and television, Wanda Chism seems every bit a typical nursing
home patient — but for her size.

Chism is severely obese, unable to leave her bed without a mechanical
lift and a team of nurses. She has not walked in years. Her life is
circumscribed by the walls of her room.

Obesity is redrawing the common imagery of old age: The slight nursing home resident is giving way to the obese senior, hampered by diabetes, disability and other weight-related ailments. Facilities that have long cared for older adults are increasingly overwhelmed — and unprepared — to care for this new group of morbidly heavy patients.

“The population is shifting faster than the ability of nursing homes to deal with them,” said Cheryl Phillips, a senior vice president at LeadingAge,
an association of nonprofit providers of services for older adults. “We
don’t have adequate staff. We don’t have adequate equipment. We don’t
have adequate knowledge.”


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