Saliva Testing

Angie Szumlinski Health, Studies

As reported in McKnight’s Senior Living publication on October 16, 2020, we have become an innovative sector! A California-based senior living company is adopting the COVID-19 testing approach of professional sports teams to create “safety bubbles” among its staff and residents.

The testing process provides accuracy levels that mirror typical PCR tests. Pools of up to 100 associates and residents give a few drops of saliva each providing a combined sample that is sent to the lab and results are returned within 24 hours. If the pool tests negative, then all participants receive a negative result. If the pool tests positive, then PCR swab testing is completed on each participant to identify positive individuals and quarantine them to minimize potential outbreaks.

Per Ed War, the Vice President of Operations for Kisco Senior Living, “this approach is sustainable, relatively inexpensive and requires minimal extra work for staff”. “Before saliva testing, nurses were conducting nasal tests and were spending upwards of 20 hours per week administering the tests. With this new testing strategy, anyone on staff can collect the samples, giving nurses time back in their days to focus on resident care”.

Hooray for Kisco, hooray for science, hooray for us! Stay well, stay safe, and stay tuned!