Spilled salt next to a salt shaker

Salt Again?

Angie Szumlinski News

Yes, I did talk about salt a few weeks ago, however, to make things even more confusing, a recent article was published discussing what is the healthiest salt for you! Imagine, I never knew there was a healthy salt, if you remember my previous articles (several) the medical community has disgraced salt mercilessly for years but now there might be a healthy salt?

If you walk the spice aisle in your local grocery store looking for salt, you may be surprised at the choices you have! Pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, kosher salt and of course the go to Morton, but all are not created equal! The specialty salts listed above have larger crystal size which deliver les sodium per serving. I did try the pink Himalayan salt once and actually thought it was too salty compared to the regular table salt I usually use.

Bottom line, stay tuned, opinions on what we should and shouldn’t eat will change tomorrow. Remember when red meat and bacon were banned? Now they are again in the “okay” column! Everything in moderation, control the amount of salt you eat daily, remember to check the labels on things you may not realize have sodium, i.e., a 12 ounce serving of diet Pepsi has 2% of your daily recommended intake of sodium…..hmmmm, how many cans of soda do you consume in a day? Take heed, your health may depend on it! Stay the course, stay informed and be well!