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StoneBridge Adams Street

Some facilities are realizing that they don’t have just one or two exceptional employees on staff, but a whole team of heroes putting their residents first every day when they come to work. The Director of Nursing at StoneBridge Adams Street is in awe of their team, who are selflessly serving their residents in spite of the great challenges this pandemic has brought.

There is no way to choose just one person. I am the DON and my team of nurses, aides, CMTs, dietary and the rest of upper management has gone above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect. Aides are working double shifts to care for our sick residents and giving showers and baths to ease the aches and pains of our residents. Aides working the COVID unit without fuss and my CNAs who give so much of their time, often neglecting their own families to take care of ours. The dietary staff provides tempting meals to be sure our residents eat and CMTs making sure residents get the medication they need. All of them are loving and giving. They are there for our residents, serving as the family member who can’t be. My team is special, encouraging each other, supporting each other through the deaths of residents they have come to love like their own. There is no one person. It takes a team to get through this and a team we are. If I could recognize each and every one of them I would. God bless the hands that hold ours.

– StoneBridge Adams Street

HealthCap would like to honor and thank the team at StoneBridge Adams Street for stepping up in a time of chaos, for being a source of stability for their residents, and for inspiring their community to find more ways to love and give to others!