Spotlight on HealthCap Heroes:

Angie SzumlinskiFeatured

Mason Public Schools and Green Acres Assisted Living

The holidays were different this year, and so many residents in long term care facilities were faced with being unable to spend them with their loved ones. Our newest HealthCap Heroes from Mason Public Schools wanted to spread the love of the holiday season to their neighbors in Green Acres Assisted Living, to let them know they are not alone!

I presented a “Spread the Cheer” project to my middle school art classes.  I reached out to Green Acres Assisted Living (which is located right next to the middle school) to see if we could bring some holiday cheer to their 40 residents.  They were on board with the idea and very excited!

I presented this project to my classes with the requirement that they would be using their art skills to create a special card for a resident at Green Acres.  I explained to them that the residents have not been able to have visitors in the building since last spring and how the holiday will look different for them.  My students were kind, thoughtful and so very generous.  There was an option to drop off a small gift if they wanted to add to the basket that I would be putting together.

I was overwhelmed with over 275 gifts that the students donated!  We had so many thoughtful and caring gifts, 40 homemade scarves as well as a poinsettia that I purchased for each resident. 

Myself, along with 10 of my students dropped off all of the items to Green Acres.  While we were not allowed inside and could only leave the cards and gifts at the door, we were able to walk past the windows and wish the residents a Happy Holiday.

We have amazing students at Mason Middle School and I did not want their efforts to go unnoticed! Even during all of the challenges that we have faced with Covid, we have caring, hardworking students who want to help others in their community.

Traci Casali, Mason Middle School Art Teacher

HealthCap would like to honor these amazing students for their kindness. The seniors at Green Acres Living were blessed by their thoughtfulness during such a time, and all of us who have heard their story are inspired! Thank you, Mason Middle School, for demonstrating what it means to be a hero!