Spotlight on HealthCap Heroes:

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Hooper Care Center

It’s the little things that make a big difference for residents who are experiencing isolation during this pandemic. Katie Stanton of Hooper Care Center has given one resident at her facility something to look forward to each week, and has demonstrated her devotion to long term care in her hard work this past year!

Katie Stanton is Hooper Care Center’s MDS coordinator. Katie has taken on the role of Infection Control as well as her MDS process. Hooper Care Center is a small 48-bed facility. Katie’s role has included covering the floor if it’s Charge Nurse or CNA due to staff shortage, covering for the Director of Nursing who was out with the COVID, and covering staffing as we were also in the process of hiring a new staffing coordinator. Katie took the time to work with one of our Residents who loves to read and started “Afternoon with Pricilla”. Katie records Pricilla reading a children’s book and then posts it on our Facebook page to share with everyone. Pricilla looks forward to this weekly time where she can share her love of reading with everyone. On a side note, Katie is also a single mother of three boys.

Hooper Care Center

Thank you Katie, for going above and beyond to serve your residents, and for your creativity and compassion that brought forth “Afternoon with Pricilla”!