Spotlight on HealthCap Heroes: Magnolia Manor

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Heroism often comes with personal sacrifice, and we are endlessly thankful for those that have stepped up during this pandemic and willingly made that decision for the good of their facility. While many frontline workers have had to face this challenge head-on as a part of their normal job duties, today’s HealthCap Hero made the choice to step out of his normal role to actively become a frontline worker.

Magnolia Manor would like to thank Hill Fort from their Corporate Home Office for leaving his home and regular duties to join forces with them at their facility. He wore many hats to provide support, including administration, patient caretaker, maintenance, and housekeeping. Magnolia Manor has some heartfelt words they would like to share about Mr. Fort:

“Staffing has been an issue across the healthcare industry in the midst of the pandemic, but our Midway Campus took a hard hit. Our SVP of Operations, Hill Fort, left the comfort of his home and hometown to help on the frontline. He filled in at the facility for many weeks in many roles. He worked as the Administrator, while the administrator was out on family medical leave. He worked alongside CNAs, helping where he could with patient care. He worked as a maintenance worker and a housekeeper. It blesses my heart to work for an organization where the Home Office (Corporate) Leaders step out of their oversight roles to help the frontline and when they are in the Home Office, they are diligently working behind the scenes to make sure those with boots on the ground have the support they need. I am thankful this holiday season to work for and with such great people who truly are Servant Leaders whose Mission is to Serve ALL through love and support, Vision is to have communities that are about Life and Living, and who has Values that they stand by.”

– Magnolia Manor

Thank you, Hill Fort, for providing such valuable support in this time of crisis! Thank you to Magnolia Manor as well for sharing this story.

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