Spotlight on HealthCap Heroes: Windmill Manor

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Our newest HealthCap Heroes are a powerful duo from Windmill Manor. Administrator Stacey Cremeens and Assistant Director of Nursing Jess Caster have truly exemplified what it means to be a hero and are an inspiration to all staff members in their facility. Check out these heartwarming testimonies about the lengths these ladies have gone to for the good of those around them:

Stacey Cremeens, Administrator

“While I know it is the job of Administrators to ‘run” the facility, no one ever anticipated that running facilities would go to the extent it does now in these COVID times. Stacey Cremeens is constantly doing phone/ zoom meetings with corporate, local and state health entities. If she’s not doing those she is reading everything that is put out there on this disease and then educating all her staff with frequent “Team Huddles” to make sure EVERYONE has all the information that she has. Stacey will call any staff who tested positive daily to check on them, run them supplies/vitamins, etc if needed. She does all this while still managing her family of 4 AND worrying about EVERYONE! She is our biggest cheerleader and the mom some here no longer have.”

Jess Caster, Assistant Director of Nursing

“My hero is Jess Caster. She goes above and beyond every day. She is compassionate and caring. Our residents’ health and wellbeing are always her top priority. She goes the extra mile day in and day out to deliver great care to our residents both as an ADON and a CNA. During this pandemic, she comes in the early hours of the morning 2x a week and on weekends to test residents and staff for COVID. She lives out of town and when it is winter season at times she will sleep on an air mattress in her office just to make sure she is there for the next shift in case an aide or nurse might not make it to work. She never, ever complains about the job she is doing or the long hours she puts in.”

HealthCap would like to extend our gratitude to both Stacey and Jess for the hard work they have put in to ensure resident and staff safety. Thank you to Windmill Manor as well, for appreciating and recognizing the heroes making a difference in their facility. Check out our video honoring Stacey and Jess below!

HealthCap Heroes Jess & Stacey – Windmill Manor

HealthCap honors two heroes from Windmill Manor, Jess Caster, and Stacey Cremee

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