Staffing Challenges!

Angie Szumlinski News

If it makes you feel any better, you aren’t alone, every aspect of the healthcare industry is struggling with staffing challenges. I recently spent several days visiting an acute care hospital, in the emergency department, and on an inpatient unit, and it was obvious that staffing was not where it should have been.

I’m not saying the care was “bad” or that my family member was not taken care of, but you know how it feels when you walk out in the hall and nobody is home! You put the call light on and no one answers, or a voice comes booming out of the wall and scares you! Yep, staffing is a challenge, so HealthCap is here to challenge you! 

For the next four weeks we want to hear from you, yes you, as to what creative, innovative ideas you have for recruiting AND retaining staff. We have talked to members all over the country who have had some great ideas. One owner pays for his employees’ oil changes and maintenance on their vehicles. He personally drives the vehicle to the local repair shop for service and brings it back by the end of the employee’s shift. Another owner provides free color-disciplined scrubs for all staff. They remove them at the end of the shift, place them in a laundry bin, put on their street clothes, and go home! What ideas do you have? Talk to us, let’s see if together we can’t find one new nugget that may possibly improve the ongoing staffing challenge! 

So, what’s in it for you? At the end of the four weeks, we will be randomly selecting ten lucky winners for $500 in Amazon gift cards that can be used for staff appreciation. Your innovative ideas will be shared on our website. Sound good? If so, please go to our HealthCap Staffing Challenges Survey and tell us what your ideas are. That’s it! Any other information you may want to share, such as data to support that the innovative practice has improved staffing, would be great as well! Get your thinking caps on, round up your team, and let’s see if we can get the ball rolling!