2 women walking for fitness

Steps Per Day

Angie Szumlinski News

Everyone has a fitness tracker or some other device that measures how active you are, how many hours of sleep you enjoy, etc. If you don’t have some sort of fitness tracking device, you are among the few people I know who don’t! I travel with a coworker who doesn’t use a fitness tracking device but whenever we walk, she asks me how many steps we took. She was definitely tracking, just using my device!

In a recent study on middle-aged adulthood men and women, those participants who took approximately 7,000 steps/day experienced lower mortality rates compared with participants taking fewer than 7,000 steps/day. Hmmm, that’s interesting as many of my friends and relatives consider 5,000 steps a day “good”. Is 7,000 steps unreasonable? Surely not, especially if it could impact longevity!

The part of the study I truly liked the best though, was that the intensity of the steps had no impact, positive or negative, on mortality. So, as I do my brisk walk down the path and the runners pass me by, I can rest assured that my walking is just as beneficial as their running. Well, maybe, but at least I’m going to live longer with less knee pain! Stay well, stay informed, and stay tuned!